Slotflop Sandals with Hidden Pocket

Slotflops are cool

Slotflops are cool

Tech tips can sometimes be low-tech tips.  Slotflop sandals are stylish flip flops that include a secure, hidden slot for credit cards, cash, and/or keys.

Slotflops aren’t your average flip flops, although they’re somewhat higher tech cousins to them.  They are very comfortable and imminently practical.  The lines of your bathing  suit will be preserved, while your valuables are tucked safely away in your Slotflops so that you can buy drinks and a snack after your swim with no worries about losing your wallet, or spoiling your beach attire’s profile.

If Spandex suits are your thing, Slotflops are the perfect accessory.  The hidden pocket is small, but large enough to conceal a key, a credit card, and some cash.  You have choices of colors and sizes, so you’ll arrive at the beach fully solvent and color-matched.

Slotflop sandals make great gifts,  You can find a pair that’s right for you or your significant other at .

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